A Year in the Life a Hot Dog Ambassador

Here ye, here ye, your Royal Highness The Queen of Wien is now presiding.
So remember when I wrote about my love of hot dogs and how it landed me the sweet title of Midwest Ambassador for the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council? Well it’s hard to believe it, but it has been just at a year since my title was bestowed to me-and what a year! I mean c’on folks, cut the mustard here, your constant fawning over me is just too much!
Wait. That’s not right. Pretty much this is how this year as went:
I was through the moon when I was picked. I don’t know if I pointed out that I am the only woman to have this title and that means more to me than the title itself (almost). I laughed and turned beet red when I told people I won at first and was even interviewed for our internal newsletter at work. So the first few months it took me a while to get over the fame and prestige that comes with such an endeavor… 
But come to find out, a lot of titles are just for show. I have a shiny badge and a shirt that says ‘wiener warrior’ on it but ultimately I just get to tell stories about why I love hot dogs a lot when people find out who I am (I know, I KNOW, they should already have this information but.)
I get a lot of funny looks and giggles for talking about my love of the wieners but ultimately my life has stayed relatively normal this year. Fame has not gotten the best of me, folks! Don’t you fret!
The coolest thing that has happened is when I went to the local Portillo’s and sheepishly told them that because of my badge of honor I am technically entitled to a discount (yeah, quite a privilege here). The three ladies behind the counter all looked at my badge in disbelief and asked multiple times if I was serious. Once I assured them that yes, they were indeed in the presence of royalty they gave me my food FOR FREE!
And that’s what it’s like to be the Ambassador. It’s not the life for everyone, but heavy is the belly that eats the (hot) dog. Oh, on a serious note? I may get a hot dog tattoo to mark this joyous occasion.
Happy National Hot Dog Week! Go enjoy some encased meats!