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The Last Pages of 2020

Books October-December (Quarter 4) 34. The Great Alone, Kristin Hannah (historical fiction) -I loved The Nightingale so I was not surprised by how enthralled I was with this book in the slightest. It was a fitting book to read as we headed into Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) and was just beautifully crafted to tell […]

My Hope for the Great Return

So I don’t feel like I have to explicitly explain where I’ve been for the last 10 months, right? There’s so much vulnerability in the world today and I’ve been too drained to formulate thoughts…and I don’t want to just regurgitate the same crap everyone has already felt/heard. I’m still in the thick of all […]

Books from Quarter 3 of the Never-ending Year (July-September 2020)

I will explain my vast absence soon but here’s a Cliff’s Notes version: I changed jobs and went back to working from home. We bought a house, we moved, we sold our condo. I share this now to say that I still read books, but not at my same vigor. Without further ado, reads for […]

Ode to Pizza

I woke up this morning with pizza on the brain (admittedly, it’s probably because I fell asleep watching Ugly Delicious last night), which got me to thinking of just how much I love a beautifully executed pie. We had talked about going to Italy this year but had chosen not to before the pandemic even […]

Book Reviews (January-March) It was a quarter of memoirs!

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You made it through at least four whole months of 2020! You made it through days that had barely enough sunlight and the blob of candy-coated goodness that is Valentine’s Day. You also welcomed the beautiful time change and hopefully, some nicer weather! Yeah, you ‘welcomed’ in a few things we never even thought […]