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The Last Pages of 2020

Books October-December (Quarter 4) 34. The Great Alone, Kristin Hannah (historical fiction) -I loved The Nightingale so I was not surprised by how enthralled I was with this book in the slightest. It was a fitting book to read as we headed into Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) and was just beautifully crafted to tell […]

Books from Quarter 3 of the Never-ending Year (July-September 2020)

I will explain my vast absence soon but here’s a Cliff’s Notes version: I changed jobs and went back to working from home. We bought a house, we moved, we sold our condo. I share this now to say that I still read books, but not at my same vigor. Without further ado, reads for […]

Book Reviews (January-March) It was a quarter of memoirs!

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You made it through at least four whole months of 2020! You made it through days that had barely enough sunlight and the blob of candy-coated goodness that is Valentine’s Day. You also welcomed the beautiful time change and hopefully, some nicer weather! Yeah, you ‘welcomed’ in a few things we never even thought […]

“You Read A Lot” Reading List July-September 2019

Recently someone said this about me. Someone actually said I, Cortney, read ‘a lot’. It made my day! 24. The Sun is Also a Star, Nicola Yoon (young adult fiction)-  This was a quick read about two teenagers whose lives collide in a beautiful but difficult way.  Young adult is really talking about some true […]

More Books! April Through July Reads

Seems as though blogging keeps me accountable to my reading goal! We are pretty close to the mid-point of 2019 (how does this happen so quickly) and I’m feeling pretty good about my reading goal of the year! Here’s my recap from April to the end of June. 13. One Day in December, Josie Silver (love […]

Reading List 2019 (so far)

Instead of recapping all the books I read for an entire year, I thought I would try and do this quarterly so that it’s not such a beast to read (or for that matter, type). My goal is to read 30 books in 2019, so let’s see where I’m at: Becoming, Michelle Obama (autobiography)- I […]

Reading List 2018

Yesterday I mentioned that one thing I really latched onto in 2018 was audio books. I should also mention that I started this because I got into a couple of podcasts and thought, “Hey, why not books too?” I am lucky enough to have a great public library that offers a huge selection of audio […]