Ode to Pizza

I woke up this morning with pizza on the brain (admittedly, it’s probably because I fell asleep watching Ugly Delicious last night), which got me to thinking of just how much I love a beautifully executed pie. […]

Super Bowls! (AKA Cream Cheese Bowl)

Well, here we are folks. It’s Sports Bowl Day! AKA, the day we all eat blocks and blocks of cream cheese! This year I actually have a minimal interest in the game because someone from my alma mater is playing—and it’s for the same team my husband likes! […]

The Big Easy - With a Whole Lotta Soul

Last week I was able to join Derek at the end of a work conference for a few days in New Orleans. We did a whirlwind tour and lived to tell the tales. Here’s a rundown of what we did and what we ate while visiting The Big Easy. I can still vividly recall Hurricane […]