When a Facebook Group Dupes You Into Buying Lemons, Make Lemonies?

Did you know that Aldi’s has a cult-like following? I’m a member of a Facebook group that talks about new products and gives reviews and recently folks were talking about Meyer Lemons. Ohhhh they’re so sweet! You can eat like them like an orange! Ohh magical lemons! I’m totally down for some miraculous citrus so I buy in.  I picked up a bag a couple weeks ago and one night I peeled one of these mysterious fruits and took a big bite.
I had a very bitter surprise that these things are NOT in ANY WAY sweet. In fact, I found them to be more bitter than a normal lemon (which I will eat raw when served as a garnish. Don’t judge). I made probably 50 various bitter/tart/sour faces before I could get up and do something different with my life. I felt personally victimized by the Aldi cult. And was stuck with a bag of lemons. You know the saying, when life gives you (or an Aldi group tricks you into buying) lemons, make something.
I thought about making a lemon curd to go with that cheesecake I made last week (which, update: was delicious. Even the kiddos who typically claim to ‘not like’ cheesecake were fans. It’s be requested again for our next get together. I feel vindicated from that minor crack!) but ran out of time. I figured since my bffl is coming over for a late Christmas hang out that I’d use them for dessert. I decided to make lemonies? Which is kind like a brownie texture with a thick glaze on top. They smell delicious. They will be 100% better than just biting into a lemon, so win? The only thing I did differently was adding a little finishing salt to the top because the icing is intensely sweet.
It was a long week filled with lots of good things-I had dinner with a good friend and lunch with another. I finally got to try our Blue Apron x WW meals and they were a huge hit! We had three meals: seared pork chops and salsa verde with kale, radishes, and sweet peppers; smoky seared cod and lemon-date sauce over potatoes and kale; and roasted chicken and jalapeno-orange sauce with sautéed cabbage and mashed potatoes. I don’t have great pictures of any of these recipes but I was wildly impressed with all of them.
To say I was skeptical at first is an understatement. We had purchased another food box subscription several years ago and were seriously disappointed with how bland and overall terrible the recipes were-so Blue Apron was already facing an uphill battle with me. I’m a pretty proficient cook but sometimes I don’t have it in me to think out meals, prep, and cook them every night. Typically, that’s when I’d revert to the easiest thing possible-either at home or by eating out. Blue Apron x WW gives me another option when time and energy are at a premium.
The seared pork chops was our first go and I was concerned about the flavors they were throwing together. Also, pork can be pretty meh unless you know how to do something fun with it. However, this was a surprise hit! The salsa verde was a mix of capers, roasted red peppers, rosemary, lemon,  garlic, and olive oil and was so good! I cannot wait to make this again. I was also shocked how delicious sautéed radishes were? Who knew. Even the kale wasn’t terrible.
Next up was the roasted chicken with a jalapeno-orange sauce. I gave up my skepticism and gave into the flavor that Blue Apron was bringing. This dish was probably my favorite of the three and I’m already looking forward to making the chicken again. The chicken was baked with a smoky spice blend (sweet paprika, smoked paprika, ground mustard, garlic powder, and onion powder) and the sauce was added when plated (pickled jalapenos, honey, orange juice, and garlic)-it was delicious! The mashed potatoes were a little dry (I fixed that though) and the sautéed cabbage was a little so-so, but that chicken? One of the best baked chicken breast recipes I’ve found.
Our last meal was the smoky seared cod. I was excited about the lemon-date sauce (lemon juice, dried Medjool dates, garlic, shallots) but the rest seemed a little lacking. The cod was good (it had the same smoky spice blend as the chicken) but I was hoping for a little more from the sauce. The kale salad was fine (it was served with a simple vinaigrette) and the roasted potatoes (which we served on the side, not mixed in with the kale) were just your normal roasted potatoes.  A solid meal.
I look forward to our next two boxes from Blue Apron x WW! I hope that as they continue to grow with WW that they will focus on using more of the 0 point foods and keep boosting the flavor profiles. If you are looking for new recipes and need meals delivered to your door-give Blue Apron a try. I don’t know how cost-effective Blue Apron is for a family bigger than ours, or to use every week, but I am grateful for the option at the touch of a button (the app is super friendly and allows you to not only choose your meals for the week, but also skip weeks with ease) when I need something to help keep me on track.
Have you tried any food boxes? Thoughts?

I am Going to a Super Bowl Party and I am Taking…

Happy Super Bowl Sunday for any of you who enjoy football! I am not the biggest football fan (give me baseball, give me hockey, give me anything that moves quicker than a snail) but I do enjoy a.) food, b.) friends, and c.) commercials (okay, not all the time). We have standing Super Bowl plans every year with some friends and we all tends to be ‘in charge’ of a specific piece of the food array. Before Derek and I were together I believe he was in charge of ice and chips (and candy) but since I arrived on the scene I’ve been slowly infiltrating the plan (and it seems to be well received)! I enjoy having an opportunity to try out fun snack foods and of course, desserts. It can be a little challenging to feed the masses things that everyone will enjoy so,  I tend to keep my audience in mind (nothing too spicy, no mustard, and we have a peanut allergy in the mix) and hope for the best.
This year I’m bringing one tried and true dip, one snack that everyone has been raving about online, and a dessert that I’ve been wanting to make for forever.
This Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Dip combines so many of my favorite things. If you’ve never had Trader Joe’s Unexpected Cheddar Cheese I highly encourage you run to the closest store and buy two blocks-one for yourself and a finder’s fee for me. This cheese is often ranked in TJ’s most coveted sold items and it’s my go-to cheese when I shop there. Trader Joe’s is spot on in their explanation, “WhyUnexpected? Well, it looks like an aged Cheddar. At first bite, it tastes like an aged Cheddar. And then something unexpected happens. The smooth creaminess of the Cheddar gives way to a tangy flavor and slightly crumbly texture, a subtle hint of salt crystallization is discovered, and it begins to taste like an aged Parmesan. Surprising, astonishing, and unanticipated. Unexpected indeed!”
A couple things that I do differently: I don’t make it into a ball (it’s just in a bowl), I don’t add pecans (we have some folks who aren’t a fan), and while I use the other Trader Joe’s ingredients that it calls for, I just use my own cream cheese and lemon juice.
Pointed out I think this comes to about 2 smartpoints per tablespoon (but really I should measure it by the cup).

Next up are Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls! I get so many recipes from SkinnyTaste and she does not disappoint. I have been using her recipes well before WW and her cookbooks are my go-to’s. I kicked back a little of the Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and added a stalk of celery for added crunch. I don’t have an air fryer like the recipe suggests so into the oven they’ll go! A lot of people are making these today so let’s hope they’re delicious! (2 of these are 4 smartpoints.)

And my piece de resistance? A cheesecake! Not a no bake one, either! I have wanted to try my hands at a cheesecake for a while now and this seemed like a great opportunity. One of my favorite ways to please a crowd is to make a solid ‘base’ food and allow an ‘accessory package’ for folks to choose from (like what I did with that car analogy there?). We have our vanilla bean cheesecake (God bless vanilla bean paste) and will have three toppings to choose from: salted caramel, cherries, and a homemade chocolate sauce!

One of the trickiest parts of baking a cheesecake is getting it to cool without cracking. Seriously, you know you’re a bona fide cheesecake maker if you can get this perfectly smooth top. Well, I gave it my honest shot. I tried the trick of letting it cool for an hour in the oven without opening the door and then allowing it to cool further with the door cracked (there’s a million variations to this, I know) and still, I have a few fault lines. When I told my best friend about this (she’s pretty good at baking these things) she just told me to cover the cracks with cherries and I called her the Bob Ross of cheesecake making (“see that crack? We’re just going to put a little cherry there and now it’s a cherry pocket!”). 

I’ll report back on how it is but I do know that the batter was pretty tasty J I have not pointed this out yet.

I also decided to make my own chocolate sauce rather than buy some because I had all the ingredients. You have to stir for quite a bit but it is worth the effort. I am so excited for this! (also haven’t pointed this but if you look at the recipe you can tell it’s not going to be light.)

I have also decided to take a firm stance against the robbery that was committed against The New Orleans Saints and wear Gold and Black in solitary of my new favorite city. Again, I know nothing about football but I do know I love an underdog! The Saints bring with them that same story of resilience that NOLA stands for and I am a fan in spirit because of that. If you’re bored, do a quick Google of all the things going on in New Orleans today in response to their loss a couple weeks ago.

Go food bowl!

The Power in the Mistake

Mindy Kaling is the best.
No one likes making mistakes, right? It’s painful-you feel embarrassed, like a failure, and worst of all…you may have let someone down. Ugh. I spent a lot of time in my younger years terrified to make mistakes but luckily I have learned (through some pretty painful lessons) that mistakes are human and so very often, force us to grow.  
I am not a perfectionist. I live a very Wabi-sabi approach to most of my life nowadays. When I create things (art, crafts, blogs even!) I strive for good work-but-I try not to beat myself up if there’s a minor mistake here and there (take my last blog-I learned that there were some formatting errors that weren’t visible to me so I apologize for that! I think it’s fixed now. Adding photos makes it all weird.) This is funny though because my professional career is very much about accuracy-if I make a big enough mistake it can lead to money lost or that big scary thing I said above-letting someone down. There’s a balance in my life then: Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm I use my brain muscles to really be accurate and limit mistakes. But. Ugh. I make them. Recently I continued to not change the address on some pretty important documents even after it had caused an issue that I already had to fix! Holy guacamole it was one number and I really did forget to change it 3 times! I was so embarrassed and truly felt like I was letting down everyone I work with (and work for).
I didn’t allow that to turn into a pity party. What I have striven to do over the last several years is own my mistakes for what they are, and then, and this is key, let it go. That. Is. Hard. When I had messed up the address for the third time I just had to laugh at myself and apologize and guess what? It was a simple fix! And truly, I feel better knowing that I am building a reputation of being honest. It is so easy to either brush a mistake unto someone else or get huffy about being corrected but if you are able to work on telling yourself, “This is just a blip. I made a mistake, I’m not a failure.” You can truly start to shift your mindset.
Last night I came home from work and realized I had made, in my mind, a fatal error. I don’t often use our garage (I drive a bigger SUV, our garage is not connected to our house and is about 100 yards from our condo, etc.) but with the Polar Vortex that just shot through the Midwest I decided that I should probably take advantage of our garage since my husband’s car was at the airport. Well, when I left for work yesterday morning I must have not of hit the button, or hit it too many times?
Something. I don’t know. All I know is that when I came home from work yesterday our garage door was standing wide open. My heart sank thinking that something would be missing or God only knows what could be going on in there!! But as I drove by and held my breath…I noticed nothing was missing (or taking shelter.) Whew. But you see, if my husband had done that I would have probably been annoyed! All of our Christmas decorations are in there! Our awesome grill! I made a mistake but no one knew about it!! So I had an option-I could close the garage door and just say ‘no harm, no foul’ or, I could be honest and tell Derek that hey, I made a mistake-it didn’t end poorly, but I did it.
Well. I told him. He didn’t care (which I knew he wouldn’t) and basically said that he’s probably done it too in the many years he’s lived here and to not worry about it. Easy peasy. But I felt better knowing I had told him (even though I was embarrassed by my mistake).
We are all more than our single worst days. We are all most than our rotten moments. And we certainly are more than our mistakes. Like most things in life it is how we respond in those moments that defines our characters. Even how we can’t respond sometimes can help us to pinpoint crucial things that perhaps we need to take stock in and evaluate about ourselves.
One of the reasons I used to struggle so much with the fear of mistakes was really, my self-esteem. If I made a mistake then someone may not like me, I may lose my job, I may be categorized as incompetent….and so goes the snow ball down the hill until it’s an avalanche and I’m stuck in the middle of it because I CAN’T MAKE A MISTAKE. Sometimes this came out as know-it-all-isms. If I appear to know it all, then no one would see my faults and then label me as unworthy or unintelligent! If I blamed others for my mistakes then of course I’d be off the hook!
Do I really need to say that none of that worked well? It actually was a self-fulfilling prophecy-the more I worried about making a mistake or looking ‘dumb’…the more people labeled me some unflattering things.  I am still grateful for one of my internship supervisors for pulling me aside and actually calling this out (in a kind but very serious way). She did a world of good at planting the seed there and then through therapy, the rest of it worked itself out. Now, I take comfort in knowing that I don’t know it all-and that’s okay. That I may make some epic mistakes-but it gives me a chance to learn. Is it sunshine and rainbows to have to go back in fix mistakes? Hell no. But it does give me the chance to critically think (and that seems to build some pretty strong neural pathways….)
To now this topic has really related more to concrete mistakes-things at work, forgetting to shut the garage, etc. You know, very human woopsie moments. These happen all the time right? But what about when emotions get in the way? Yes, making mistakes at work can bring about feelings (as I just mentioned. No one likes feeling embarrassed.) While I’ve found that flipping my script on how I think about mistakes tends to lessen the severity of the emotions I feel (so I’m embarrassed for 10 seconds rather than all day? Maybe I don’t feel my boss thinks I’m a failure at everything she charges me with?) I still have to keep them in check.
And sometimes, we make mistakes where we hurt other people. Ouch. These mistakes aren’t always as easy to fix as a transposed number or a lost report. These types of mistakes are powerful in other ways-they can cause rifts in relationships. They cause us to view people completely differently. Sometimes they break apart relationships. Mistakes left unchecked can spread like wildfire in your heart. What do we do then?
Well. We do the same thing that we have to do with those more concrete mistakes-we have to ask ourselves why we may not feel so inclined to immediately apologize and make things right. Is it ego? Embarrassment? Misunderstanding? Sometimes being held accountable for our unintentional (or, sometimes intentional) actions can wrap us up in so many feelings that it seems impossible to own up to them. Maybe it’s easier to blame the other person, or just let it hang in the air like a lead balloon, or sometimes…just let that relationship come to a close.
Look, I’ve made some heavy mistakes toward those I love the most. And it S-U-C-K-S on so many levels. I don’t like to think of it as ‘eating crow’ or ‘swallowing pride’ when we have to apologize though. I think it changes the context and puts so much more pressure on pride when we think of it that way. Humility goes a long way but it doesn’t mean it’s humiliating. There is a huge difference there and perhaps if we stop and think about practicing more humility (freedom from pride or arrogance the quality or state of being humble) rather than humiliation ( to reduce (someone) to a lower position in one’s own eyes or others’ eyes to make (someone) ashamed or embarrassed ) our relationships will grow. Maybe they’ll become stronger. There is power in the mistake if we treat it like opportunity rather than a total misfortune.  It’s hard, yes, but the more practice we have-the stronger we become.
Whether the mistake is concrete or relational, remember this: the way you respond defines you, not the mistake itself. Do you learn and grow? Or do you stay stuck and repeat (and ultimately burn)? Do you own up with humility? Or do you let humiliation take over? Sometimes mistakes are costly and I won’t deny that, but more often than not, our mistakes can be opportunity if we’re willing.

The Big Easy-With a Whole Lotta Soul

Last week I was able to join Derek at the end of a work conference for a few days in New Orleans. We did a whirlwind tour and lived to tell the tales. Here’s a rundown of what we did and what we ate while visiting The Big Easy.

I can still vividly recall Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that came along with it for Louisiana and Mississippi. It was late August and I was driving from my university to my hometown and all I could do was cry. For whatever reason I felt with very serious conviction that I needed to drive the 50 miles home with no air conditioning in solidarity for all those living in the real-life nightmare after Katrina. I still remember all the semis loaded with goods to truck to survivors, the news coverage, and learning that some of my friends were going to step away from college to go help New Orleans rebuild. Any tragedy is tragic, but for whatever reason Katrina sat heavy in my heart.

But as many people may already know, and I can now attest to, New Orleans is resilient! That city is built on resiliency- and while I’m not here to gloss over the things that still need to be done (or the immense difficulties survivors had to face and in some cases are still facing) it was amazing to learn about so many personal stories of rebuilding. Things you don’t even think of unless you’ve had to live through that type of chaos. Suffice to say-I love New Orleans! (We’ll save the heavy for another day.) If you’re currently hungry I suggest going and grabbing a little snack because it’s about to get food-y up in here.

Day One

I flew out on a Wednesday and OMG Midwest weather, I hate you. Luckily it was just a huge rainstorm I had to drive in but I was nervous I was going to miss my flight because I had to watch my speed (I got there and through security with an hour to kill…but you just never know!!) Once I got to the hotel I kissed my cutie husband we were off for an early dinner at Mother’s. Mother’s is pretty notorious in New Orleans and I am so glad it was my first food there. I mean, look at this:

Famous Ferdi Special. That’s ONE sandwich.

Baked ham. The perfect chewy and soft roll. Roast Beef. Delicious sauces and au jus. It was just magical. I have had soul food before, but this sandwich felt almost like a religious experience. Sounds silly perhaps, but it’s true-I felt connected to the city in one bite.

Yet I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t disclose that my actual FIRST bite of NOLA was Mother’s Bread Pudding with Brandy Sauce. This stuff was heaven. The sauce was so boozy and caramel-y and the bread was soft but hadn’t lost all of its’ integrity and I think there was fruit in there somewhere so it was basically healthy. Easily my top three foods consumed. If I ever have to have a last meal, this will be on the menu.

I’m actually sad I can’t have that now. Anyway. After that transcendent experience I was hooked and ready for more! We decided to tourist it up and headed to Bourbon Street in the rain. (Full disclosure, I’m going to have some unpopular opinions from here on out.) Bourbon Street was mostly what I expected with a few bonus uncool things thrown in. Luckily it was not packed so we were able to ‘experience’ some of the finer things this party street has to offer before scooting along.

So someone forgot to mention that the NOLA Hand Grenade has multiple hard liquors in it including but not limited to: GRAIN ALCOHOL, rum, and vodka. Everclear is something I haven’t ingested in like 12 years? So yeah, that was just enough for me. (please note the plastic grenade on top of the drink. I’m a sucker for a good theme.) I ordered the ‘skinny’ version which was made with sweeteners rather than sugar because of course, that made a big difference.

It started to rain harder so we killed some time watching TV in the hotel before ticking off another NOLA institution- Cafe’ Du Monde. If you don’t know what this is, well, consider yourself lucky I suppose, because you don’t yet have any idea of what you’re missing out on. Do I need to explain beignets? Or chickory coffee? I think I’ll leave it for you to explore. We were very lucky because usually there is a line out the door-but the place was completely deserted (hah, get it) when we got there! Here’s an adorable photo of Derek using a single paper napkin to thwart the mounds of powdered sugar (it actually worked!):

#classytourist #mywifemademedoit

At this point we were somehow kind of, sort of, hungry again. Neither of us had eaten a proper breakfast or lunch so we decided that two dinners was totally acceptable. This time we tried Frenchmen Street which is known for pouring music from every building at almost any time of day. It was pretty surreal to see so much going on at one time. But we were on a mission for hot dogs and we most definitely got way more than we ever expected. Dat Dog, I love you. I know, I know, I’m the Midwest Ambassador and yes it did feel a little like I was cheating but…it was worth it. (Plus, the server was wearing a Murder By Death hoodie and that means instant friend). Just look at this, fall in love with this, this is the Guinness Special and it was phenomenal. This is probably the second best hot dog I’ve had in my life. (Number one you ask? Hot Doug’s Chicago Dog. RIP.)

Irish Guinness sausage, Andouille sauce, onions, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon, and yellow mustard.

Yeah. That was a good hot dog. Derek ordered the chef special which allowed the chef to create a hot dog for him in the moment. The dog was the Vaucresson Hot Sausage piled with so many toppings I can’t even remember them all. It was good. We were happy. We floated home to rest up for the night.

(Oh, and I bought a super awesome Christmas ornament that we have named Frenchie? Want to see her? Let me know in the comments and I’ll post about Frenchie. She’s such a beaut.)

Day Two

So I woke up feeling hungover-oh yeah, grain alcohol. We got our barrings together and headed to brunch before our Three Hour Tour! Derek had heard of a spot pretty close to the hotel called The Ruby Slipper and it was just what we needed. Banana Fosters French Toast for the fella and shrimp and grits for the lady. And coffee. Lots of coffee. Food was good but I don’t think my pictures do it justice. After brunch we were picked up for our Thee Hour Tour! The tour was through Southern Style Tours and I think our guide did a pretty good job. We learned a lot about New Orleans history and saw a substantial amount of the city itself.

I don’t want to give away too much about New Orleans in case you are hoping to visit soon but what I will suggest is that you try to make time to do a city tour (that includes a cemetery). The cemeteries in New Orleans are so unique and an interesting way to learn more about the melding pot of culture and necessity that the city is made of. It felt a little weird to take photos but it’s hard not to see the cemeteries as nothing short but beautiful.

When I die, I hope people bring me pumpkins instead of flowers.
This cemetery was home to a vault that cost a half of a million dollars! The story goes that the woman who had it built was mad at her kids so she decided to spend their inheritance to build one of the most ornate vaults in the entire cemetery. The thing has stained glass. (We visited St. Louis Cemetery Number 2 if you ever want to go find the stained glass vault yourself.)

We also got to stop by the city’s sculpture garden!

At the end of the tour we did go visit one of the levy breeches from Hurricane Katrina and learned more not only about what caused the breeches, but what has been done since then to hopefully never allow this devastation to happen again. We did not visit the Lower Ninth Ward where flooding hit some of the most vulnerable populations of New Orleans the hardest. Until you have seen the massive scale of the devastation, and really piece together every single thing that went wrong, it’s hard to have a clear picture of what a colossal cluster took place. Sigh. I have a lot of thoughts still on this subject that’ll I’ll hold onto for now but keep this in mind-there was a lot that went wrong but the people of New Orleans have done a fantastic job of rebuilding. It may not be the city it once was, but there’s a hell of a lot of good things happening there today. (Again NOLA=resilient)

After our tour we headed to dinner at Cochon Butcher which had a cool/weird space/star wars theme going on. One thing that Cochon Butcher is noted for is their take on the famous muffuletta sandwich. A muffuletta is composed of things I love: green olives, meats, and cheese. I love tangy green olives! I was hopeful with this sandwich! But, it kind of left me feeling ‘eh’. It’s not that the ingredients themselves were not tasty but the sandwich was lacking….something. Perhaps that’s just the story of the muffuletta and I should back off of one of the ‘Holy’ New Orleans food groups. I’ll give it another try another trip. Derek however had a cubano that was to die for, and the house made pickles made me do a happy food dance.

Derek and I had a whole conversation about what was happening here. What do you think?

We ended the night by trying the ‘other’ beignet spot in New Orleans-Cafe’ Beignet. Unpopular opinion #2 (maybe three depending on were you stand with my muffuletta story)-this is my favorite beignet place in New Orleans. The beignets were just a little crispier and the line was way shorter. Don’t get me wrong, both places are amazing, and I encourage you to go do a comparison yourself some day. 

Also, Derek brought back the napkin bib and it totally works!

#stopit #letmelivemylife

By this point my stomach is like “what are you doing to meeee??” So we decided to head back to the hotel.

Day Three

Last full day in NOLA and we were going to make it count! The Three Hour Tour (you realize I’m capitalizing that so that you’ll sing the Gilligan’s Island song, right?) was great the day before-we learned a lot about the history of New Orleans-but today? Today we are doing a food tour. I found the food tour through Groupon and ‘unfortunately’ they only had the Lower Garden District (LGD) Tour available during the time we were there. Initially I was a little bummed we wouldn’t get to try the famous NOLA food spots/foods (gumbo, po’ boy, etc.) but maaaaan, this was the luck of fate! This tour was phenomenal! Derek and I ended up being the only two on the tour that day so it was as if we were VIPs getting our own private show of the unique eats that the city had to offer. The tour guide, Ariadne, was just the best. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and a lot of fun to talk to. Sidewalk Food Tours is the way to go if you want to experience tasty foods and learn about the culture of NOLA. (They also have tours in other cities/countries-I’ll be looking them up again in the future!)

We met up at a place called Turkey and The Wolf which Bon Apetit named Best New Restaurant in 2017. Before Ariadne arrived we got to chat with a nice fella who was waiting for the place to open. He basically told us his life story but never his name and then pulled out a piece of King Cake from his pocket before we said farewell. Dude was living his best life.

Turkey and The Wolf surpassed all expectations I had…by like miles. Easily the best thing I ate not only in New Orleans, but perhaps one of the best sandwiches I’ve eaten in my life. Look, I realize what I’m getting ready to type may seem like I’ve lost my mind but you do not understand. The fried bologna sandwich at Turkey and The Wolf is absolutely worth whatever type of fare you need to spend to get there. Like today. And you need to bring me back this sandwich. One bite of this and I knew we were going to have a capital G Good Day.

Don’t judge the sandwich on my crappy photo taking skills. I was in a hurry and OMG it was so good. Also, bonus points for the 90’s era McDonald’s plate.

From there we visited Juan’s Flying Burrito, the world’s first Creole Taqueria. Juan’s is a cool story that is based on the ‘Renaissance’ of Lower Garden District’s Magazine Row (awesome shopping area!). Super yummy tacos here and a really cool vibe.

Believe it or not, we still had three spots left to try! We took a little detour and walked by some historic mansions in the LGD (hello, mansion used on American Horror Story’s The Coven; oh look at you, house owned formerly by Anne Rice!) before heading to Little Korea BBQ.

Little Korea BBQ sprung up out of, well, necessity, after Katrina. Something I hadn’t thought of was that after Katrina, there were no fast food restaurants left (and those that were left were having a hell of a time getting product in, needed to complete repairs, etc.). Little Korea BBQ saw the need and actually opened up shop initially in an abandoned Taco Bell. It did so well that it was able to move to the LGD (which is a big deal). We had all the fermented things and some fried vegetable dumplings. It was just enough of a change in pallet to let us carry on. And I love a good dumpling.

Stein’s Deli was our last stop before dessert (yes, dessert!) and happens to the NOLA’s only Jewish deli. We had The Sam. It was a damn good sandwich. 

And last but not least in any way, District Donuts. Oh my District Donuts has a rotating selection of amazing doughnuts and other pastries every day. We had this delicious yeast doughnut with peanut butter, chocolate, and bananas called the Gold and Black. (P.S. if for some reason you’re needing a King Cake, they are currently shipping them!) This was a great way to end our impromptu VIP walking food tour.

Cutest Space Invaders ever.

 As we were finishing up our guide mentioned she was leading a Haunted History Tour that night so we made a quick decision to do that too since she was such a phenomenal tour guide. I had looked at ghost tours originally but didn’t book one in fear that we would accidentally book a tour that had people positioned to scare you (not my thing) so after reassurance from Ariadne that her tour was 0% haunted house-like, we were sold. 

We had some time to kill before that though so we headed to one of the Mardi Gras museums. It was fine for what it was. There’s so much work that goes into those floats! We got to learn a little more about the history of Mardi Gras and see the artists at work-and it was definitely way different than what we did with Homecoming floats in high school 🙂

We spent our last night in NOLA learning some of the more unfortunate pieces of history. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, haunted history tours are other intriguing ways to learn more about the history and culture of New Orleans. We spent most of the night in the French Quarter and even got to visit the oldest continuously operating bar in America- Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop (disclaimer, the internets seems to think that while this bar is one of the oldest, it’s not the oldest, so believe what you’d like). I won’t spoil any of the good stories because I probably wouldn’t do them justice anyhow, but I definitely suggest going on one of these tours if you get the chance (and look up Ariadne!) No ghosts were spotted unfortunately, but a great time was had by all.

After that, we had one last dinner in NOLA at Verti Marti. This is a 24/7 deli that gets rave reviews. The folks that took our order were super kind (although I’m short and couldn’t really see them over the counter) and the menu is expansive-which may have been my downfall. I basically ordered the first thing on the menu because I was a) hungry and b) overwhelmed with choices. I wasn’t a huge fan of my sandwich, but Derek loved his. So we’ll chalk this up to experience and next time, I’ll be prepared.

Good night New Orleans! I love you!

Day Four

Before we packed up to head home we took a walk down to the French Market and stopped to have (more) beignets. At this point we were basically professionals and no paper napkin bibs were even needed. French Market was a nice mix of food, art, and your typical market wares. We stopped in at a hot sauce shop and did a hot sauce tasting (I’m pretty proud that I tried the hottest one in the store and lived to tell the tale!), tried some pralines (if you like pecans, these are a must), and found one last lunch spot called Coop’s Place. Again, another awesome hole in the wall joint serving authentic NOLA essentials. We ordered some seafood gumbo and a sampler platter than included shrimp creole, cajun fried chicken, red beans & rice with sausage, and rabbit & sausage jambalaya. Everything was tasty. (also the seafood gumbo was pretty legit-Derek and I both had a little crab claw in our gumbo and were able to have a mini claw fight at the table like mature adults do in restaurants.)

And then, it was time to head home.

I have to say, I am a big fan of New Orleans. The city has soul and such an interesting story. I most definitely suggest NOLA as a weekend getaway (as you can see, you can really get a lot done in just a couple of days) but just make sure to pack your eatin’ pants!

Snowy Self-Care Saturday

Bonjour les amis! It’s another winter wonderland here in the Midwest so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to practice some of the allusive ‘self-care’ we all talk about but never really get around to doing.
So I started my day with coffee and kitty cuddles. Made an egg scramble using some fancy bacon (pancetta). Watched some cooking shows and the snow finish up (for the afternoon anyhow.) I practiced a little French (I’m determined to learn at least basic French before we visit in 2020). I went and had an hour-long massage. I came home and had a lunch of some of my favorite foods (olives and cheese). I took a long bath (complete with hair and face masks) and then started a new (to me) show on Netflix (Chef’s Table). I just finished dinner-it wasn’t anything fancy but I sure do love a good bowl of ham and beans. I’ll finish the night with some tea and more kitty cuddles (I don’t necessarily have a say in this-they are clingy since I’m the only human home).
A lot of this is simple stuff but it’s all recognizing the importance of taking time to do the things that recharge us. Even if it’s something as small as just using a fancy fun food for breakfast rather than what may be quickest-it all adds up helps to lower our stress levels.
Being kind to ourselves can feel so selfish and contrary to the other roles we play in life-but it is just as necessary as breathing.  If we don’t stop and check in with ourselves things start to fall apart. Personally, I know that if I don’t take time to refresh I become more irritable and develop a negative outlook on pretty much everything. My first sign? I start to get road rage-and then I know something is up and it’s time for some TLC.
So this evening I encourage you to take a moment and check in with yourself. When was the last time you did something to recharge? No matter how small it may be-I hope you do something over the next few days to remind yourself how much you love you. Here’s some general ideas to get your imagination flowing (and more information on self-care), if you need it:
If you're interested in starting your own self-care practice or just want more examples of self-care activities, here's everything you need in one helpful guide! Practical ways to practice self care. Self-Care, Self Care Routine, Self Care Guide #selfcare

Want to read more on self-care? Check out this A-Z guide!
And if you’re curious about my amazing culinary skills:
Egg scramble
This is scrambled eggs, yolks (hah).
I feel fancy calling it eggs scramble.
  • Pancetta, cubed (1/8 cup maybe?)
  • Eggs, 2
  • Buttermilk, splash (I have some on hand but I did add an extra layer of yum)
  • Everything seasoning, a few cranks
  • Optional, but necessary for me-some sort of cheese (today it was Gruyere), however the hell much you want
  • Maybe a dash of Tapatio at the end
  1. Beat eggs, buttermilk, and seasoning until just combined and set aside
  2. Heat pancetta over medium heat until crisp and some fat has rendered
  3. Turn heat down to low and add eggs
  4. Move eggs in a figure 8 (I learned this from some chef who learned it from another chef. Also he said to do this in a non stick pan but I did not. Also, he’d probably not approve of anything I did here and frankly, I don’t care, my eggs are tasty.) until cooked to your desire (personally, I have to have my eggs a little drier than what others may enjoy) be light with the eggs!
Ham and Beans
This isn’t a fancy dish by any means, but it reminds me of my childhood. You can serve with cornbread for the real deal, but I chose not to make any today.
  • Ham bone from Christmas Ham (it should still have some pretty significant ham on it, too)
  • A bag of Great Northern Beans
  • Chicken Stock from chicken last week, 3 cups
  • Ham Soup Base, however much you want. You like salty? Add a lot.
  1. Soak beans in a bowl water for 30ish minutes, pick off floaters. Drain beans into a colander and rinse with water again. Use a big bowl-beans swell.
  2. Add beans back to the bowl and this time, add chicken stock. Cover with something if you have cats and set aside for like…hours. I was cooking my beans in an Instant Pot so technically, I didn’t have to wait but I did. Build flavors and also because I was lazy?
  3. Add beans, soup base, ham bone (mine was still frozen when I added it) and another cup or so of water. This really depends on how much your beans have soaked up and how soupy you like your ham and  beans
  4. Instant Pot-set on manual for 45 minutes, natural release (unless you want kind of still in tact beans, then manual release)
  5. On the stove top-you’re going to need to add more water and boil for a couple hours (really I suggest you look up another recipe at this point, I’m just telling you what I did here-I haven’t tested it on the stove top)
  6. Shred off the ham from the bone, discard the bone and any clumps of fat
  7. For the love of all things, let this cool for a moment (or risk the pain of a burnt mouth. I’m telling you this from experience.)
Also, if you need a massage and you’re in the area, I highly suggest BodyWorks Associates (I see Sara Curtis and I love her). The owner is in the Massage Hall of Fame and sits on the National Board of Massage Therapy (aka, he’s a VIP). He trains his staff to a really intense caliber and I just think the world of this group. Massage Therapy isn’t always the best feeling in the moment but I can turn my neck completely for the first time in months!!

Reading List 2018

Yesterday I mentioned that one thing I really latched onto in 2018 was audio books. I should also mention that I started this because I got into a couple of podcasts and thought, “Hey, why not books too?” I am lucky enough to have a great public library that offers a huge selection of audio books and I’ve been able to read so much more than I have in years past! From here on out, if I say I “read” a book-you can safely assume that translates to “listened to.”

Audio books aren’t for everyone, but for me, it’s relaxing and just feels nice. It reminds me of being read a story which elicits great memories of my Grandpa who was the best story teller I have even known.

Unfortunately for my list-making mind, I had to change libraries in June and lost my book list in the switch. I even called my former library to see  if they had a way to view what I had checked out but  to no avail. I have since then started to use the Goodreads app as well as turned on my ‘track history’ in my current audio book app (Libby.) So this list isn’t complete but I tried to add the ones I could remember!

  1. Class Mom, Laurie Gelman (fiction)-This book was hilarious! Gelman’s follow up book to Class Mom should be coming out this year and I am pumped.  God bless the class moms-that stuff is no joke. A
  2. Turtles All the Way Down, John Green (young adult, fiction)-Eh. I wanted to like this more than I did. I really enjoy Green’s writing usually (and yes, I still like young adult. So.) I had a hard time connecting with the characters and the story felt a little disjointed at points. Not my favorite from him. Or maybe I’m just too old now. C
  3. Uncommon Type, Tom Hanks (short story, fiction)- omgomgomgomg. One of my favorite books of the year, easy. Also, Tom Hanks read me stories AND mentioned the town I live in-twice. (Tom Hanks’ brother teaches at the university in my town [I don’t think it’s the brother that does his voice work?] and sometimes HE VISITS HERE and my brother-in-law once served him frozen custard and I’M NOT WORTHY). Each story relates, somehow, back to a typewriter, which is such a neat idea. Hanks collects typewriters and there’s actually an app that you can download that allows you to ‘type’ on your device using typewriters that he likes. I love Tom Hanks. He can do no wrong (except that one movie he did that I did not like).  A+
  4. If You Were Here, Jen Lancaster (fiction)-  Solid story and I enjoy Lancaster’s work but I rolled my eyes a lot.  The main character was very superficial and I always struggle to really feel for someone who has it all complaining about the choices they decide to make. B-
  5. Girl, Wash Your Face, Rachel Holis (self-help?)-…speaking of eye rolls, I really struggle with people who have no idea about the privileges they have telling me to just suck it up, buttercup. Look, I know a lot of people who have had life-changing experiences with this book and I swear I just felt people close this browser when they started this sentence but NOPE. I’m glad it works for some, but I just yelled at the speaker a lot. I did finish it though. Girl, check yo’ privilege.  D
  6. Someday, Someday Maybe, Lauren Graham (fiction)-I liked it, solid story. B
  7. Talking as Fast as I can, Lauren Graham (autobiography)- Liked it, and she really did talk fast. I think I was hoping for a little more but it was still a good, light read. B
  8. Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger (fiction)- So one night while Derek was away at a work conference all I wanted to watch for some reason was Devil Wears Prada and I was m-a-d that it wasn’t on one of the millions of streaming networks we subscribe to and I actually had to get the DVD out. Anyway, that’s what inspired me to read the book. Interesting character development, I liked it. A
  9. When Life Gives You Lululemons, Lauren Weisberger (fiction)- I read all of Weisberger’s books this  year and was impressed. Lululemons takes place in the aftermath of Devil Wears Prada and I’d love if this one was made into a movie. A
  10. The Singles Game, Lauren Weisberger (fiction)- This one is out of the Prada universe and kind of gave me some flashback stuff initially because it’s about an athlete that gets hurt playing tennis and while I am really NOT an athlete I was playing tennis when I tore my meniscus which later reviled that I had no ACL (and hadn’t had one for like 5 years) but once I got over that I was good. If you haven’t figured out by now, I read a lot of ‘lighter’ stuff and this one was solid as well. I like Weisberger and look forward to more by her. A
  11. Leah on the Offbeat, Becky Albertalli (young adult, fiction)-So you know how you’re most definitely taught not to judge a book by its’ cover? Well I liked the color of the cover of this book and didn’t have anything available in my queue and that’s why I checked it out. I was originally looking for  another one of Albertalli’s books, Love, Simon, but it’s checked out for the next 6,000 years. That is what you get when you jump on the whole, “oh it’s a movie but I want to read the book first!” trend. Anyway, it was a good story and I enjoyed the perspective. It’s exciting to see young adult books taking on topics like sexuality and the complications that come with exploring who someone truly is meant to be. That didn’t really exist when I was a young adult, so kudos to growth! I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to her other works. B
  12. Yes, Chef: A Memoir, Marcus Samuelsson (autobiography)- This past summer we lost Anthony Bourdain and that was a rough blow. Maybe I’ll talk about how that impacted me at some point but long story short, I started digging deeper into some culinary works. I loved Samuelsson’s story (and he read it to me! I could listen to him speak for the rest of my life.) It was a great blend of culture and the great mysterious world of ball-busting work in kitchens. Hearing a story about a man from Ethiopia that grew up in Sweden and then worked all over the world but now calls New York City home? Loved it. I’m looking forward to visiting his restaurant when we visit New York City next year. A
  13. Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain (memoir)- I cried a lot. I’ve read it before. I don’t think I could be a chef but I’d like to think I’d give it an honest shot. A
  14. You’ll Grow Out of It, Jessi Klein (autobiography)-I liked it, but thought I’d laugh more given that she is a comedy writer. The only memorable part I can recall is listening to it while I was taking a shower in my hotel room at Disney World and I don’t feel like that’s an indication of my enjoyment. C
  15. Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, Amy Schumer (autobiography)- I liked it, it had depth and humor. I like Amy Schumer. B
  16. Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy: Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, Rich People Problems, Kevin Kwan (fiction)- Again on, “Hey this is a move I need to read the book!” series, the Crazy Rich trilogy is really, really good.  I admit, I saw the movie before I read the books (and had never  heard of the trilogy before then) but I am so glad I did. I’m kind of sad the series is done but look forward to the movies! It was also really awesome to see how this movie broke a lot of barriers in Hollywood. A
  17. My Year of Rest and Relaxation, Ottessa Moshfegh (fiction)- 😐 what. was. this. I just read some of the reviews on Amazon that this book, “shimmers with intelligence and empathy.” 😐 Maybe it’s because I work in mental health that I am a very harsh critic of self-help bullshit and books depicting mental illness, maybe. Or maybe this book was just flat. *SPOILERS IN CASE YOU CARE* She took a bunch of shit that would kill a human being LIKE A MILLION TIMES OVER and slept for a year.  I did not see a shimmer of any intelligence or empathy. It was 100% apathy. When I was done I kind of just stared at a wall and said, “what the hell” and went back to life. Honestly, in ways it reminded me of one of my favorite books from high school, Go Ask Alice. (I think Go Ask Alice may have nudged me into working with kids with trauma by the way but I digress.) So I stuck it out thinking that it would stop running me the wrong way but the blatant bullshit of misusing psychotropic medication I just couldn’t get over. I guess I get what she was doing with this, and perhaps some may see that as brilliant (that things don’t always come to pass, that sometimes we’re alive but don’t want to live, etc) but what she did would kill someone so it was hard to buy into the story for me. Maybe most folks don’t know that so it works for them? I was looking forward to this one because it was met with such high praise and if anyone else has read it and wants to enlighten me I’m super intrigued to hear what you may have to say-let’s talk. 😐 C-
  18. Love is a Mixed Tape, Rob Sheffield (fiction)- I’ve owned this paperback for years and never read it so I decided to give the audio a try. I cried a few tears with this one just because I related to the story of how a mixed tape can mean so much. It was a sweet book, and I want to read more by Sheffield. A
  19. 10% Happier, Dan Harris (self-help, also autobiography?)- So toward the end of the year I started being interested in some of the works I had heard about from a podcast I really enjoy, Savy Psychologist  (she’s awesome!! I’ve learned a lot from this podcast. A++)  My own therapist often told me that I should try to meditate and I basically would look at her like, “haha. no.” and we’d move on but I’ve read a lot of research on the topic so I decided to see what others had to say.  Harris was a guest on the SP podcast at one point and what he shared cleared up a lot of my misconceptions about meditation  (I had quite a few, oops. Sorry to my therapist for all the eye rolls). I gave his book a chance and it was fantastic! It was entertaining to learn about his journey into meditation.  I can’t say I knew who Harris was before (I don’t watch ABC News shows) but I am sure glad I do now. This book helped me to start clear some fog. Way to be engaging and helpful. A
  20. Wild, Cheryl Strayed (autobiography)-Oddly, I still haven’t watched this movie but this was another book I chose since  none of the ones I had on my list were available. It also helped me understand Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life better, too. It was fine. C
  21. Yes, Please, Amy Poehler (autobiography)- I started this book when it first came out and couldn’t finish it but I’m so glad I went back to it!  It was nice to learn more about the path she took to become who she is now and hear some interesting stories along the way. I love comedians. A
  22. Born Standing Up, Steve Martin (autobiography)- Did I mention I love comedians? I love Steve Martin. I loved his book. A
  23. One More Thing, B.J. Novak (fiction)- Sensing a theme here. These were awesome short stories that made me legit laugh out loud. I kind of want to re-read this one like right now. A
  24. Princess Diarist, Carrie Fisher (autobiography)-come on. It’s Carrie Fisher. It was good. It took a while to be able to hear her voice, ya’ll. A
  25. Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher (autobiography)- see above. B
  26. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, Mark Manson (self-help, autobiography?)- I was skeptical at first but damn I loved this book. So eye-opening and really forced me forward in my thought process. A

And the final two books for 2018 were two that I enjoyed multiple times. Jenny Lawson has been a beacon of light on rough days. She speaks with such honesty and is freaking hilarious. I adore her ability to share her own stories about mental health and the struggles it brings and to add humor to the heavy. She is genuine and I listened to her tell me I mattered as well as stories about taxidermy animals and cried and laughed all the same. Lawson has a blog that I suggest you check out too. Jenny Lawson, you are a blessing. And I am number 26.

 27. Furiously Happy (autobiography, humor, self-help) A+

28. Let’s Pretend this Never Happened (more autobiographical than self-help but still a mix even if by proxy) A+

And a bonus! She has a coloring book/self-help/just a nice book called You Are Here. This isn’t an audio book and I’m a proud owner of this one! A+

All We Need is a Little Bit of Momentum

See this for the lyric reference  I miss The Hush Sound. Ah, 2005.

Well hello there-it’s been a while!I suppose I have some explaining to do in the wake of my very long break.

I believe I shared back in the spring that I was going through a tight one. I had a significant struggle with a family member that really threw me into a loop of confusion and sadness. While I find myself as a pretty emotionally competent person, being rejected by someone who you thought loved you unconditionally can really take a toll.

Some days I thought it didn’t bother me and I suppose that on some days, it didn’t. But on the days it did bother me, it bothered me completely. Days kept coming and my sadness stuck around and grew  into the dark curmudgeon-y cloud depression is known to be. Thanks depression, you’re super swell. There were some hard days and often I’d feel guilty for being depressed. “Stop feeling this way. You have so much Good in life. Stop it.” Why does that never work. Well I am happy to report that the big bad rainstorm is over for now and I’m able to at least reflect back on the longevity of the last 10ish months. I can say now that this cloudy time was different and before I delve into explaining the hard parts I would like to first share the other piece of what happens when someone is depressed-a lot of cool, awesome, fun, and exciting things happened in my life. I just had to invite Mr. CC (Curmudgeon Cloud) along sometimes.

*disclaimer-this post really isn’t about what it feels like to be depressed, or even all the facets that come along with it.  It’s really just focused as a recap and explanation of the last 10 months or so.*

Here’s some highlights since we last chatted:

  • I didn’t resort back to old habits to numb my sadness. I successfully made progress with my eating habits. I had to make choices though because there simply weren’t enough spoons for the Full Monty of peak health-after the 5/10K I completed, I kind of stalled in physical activity. I tried to keep my steps up and did take walks when I could. I am really proud of this- more on the WW journey to come at a later time. (and, I recently signed up for yoga classes again, and plan on going to some fun group fitness classes!)
  • I was selected to the be the Midwest Ambassador of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council! I’m the only woman, too!  Really all this means is bragging rights but I received some very nice messages (and gifts) from some of my favorite Midwest hot dog establishments (SuperDawg and Portillo’s-you know your Ambassador loves you). I’m still hoping this will lead to like, a judge for a hot dog eating/tasting contest or something, but we’ll see. This was a legit highlight and has brought about some great notoriety for me-especially at work.
  • I became an Aunt again!
  • I learned I’m allergic to mango skin. This is a real thing. It is painful. I love fresh mango. I had to go through the ordeal twice to figure it out, too. Sigh. Okay this wasn’t fun-but funny maybe?
  • I watched my bffl be sworn in as President of a cause that is very near and dear to her. I love seeing my friends succeed and I was one of her VIPs at her induction.
  • I took a pottery class and it was a blast. I had this whole Wednesday agenda where I’d go be creative for 3 hours and then grab my favorite Indian food and go home and eat on the couch while watching TV. It was great!
  • I went on adventures! I saw great movies! I read like 35 books (a huge increase, more on this in a moment). I went to concerts! I ate delicious new foods! I spent time with my fantastic friends! I made a couple new friends! I even pushed myself out of my comfort zone!

And through most of all that, the cloud wasn’t too far away.  I’ve been depressed before, and I’m sure it’ll show up again, but I have to say this time was different. I have spent the last few weeks analyzing just what made it different so that hopefully, I can catalog away what helped me for the next cloudy moment. I know that the issue that took place in the spring (and happened to align with me not only starting WW but also this blog adventure) spun me into sadness because it triggered some very deep rooted fears and pains. So, while I sat with my feelings I also acknowledged the fun little boogers too. What I came to learn was:

  • In my heart of hearts, fear not being accepted by those I love and I fear being forgotten. I know where these fears come from and I now know that while the little voice in my head who, God bless her heart, is just trying to protect us, screams on and on about, “YOU ARE GOING TO GET US HURT STOP IT. STOP IT!” She is wrong. It’s that simple. She’s just wrong now. I am far too valuable to others to be forgotten and I am accepted by those with the capacity to accept me. Short of me being a complete ass to someone (which really isn’t in my nature), if someone decides that they no longer want to be in my life….it’s because of something they need to deal with. It’s not me and most importantly, it’s nit my fault. However, it’s still a painful realization, but it’s easier to digest. And that’s exactly what happened this spring. I still have moments where I have to remind Little Voice that it wasn’t us…it was them. And that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to work through the sadness of no longer having that connection-but it does mean that I don’t have to live with the pain in my heart of being rejected or that everyone else will leave me too. Over time the pain in my heart related to what was being to me changed to pain in my heart for what that person must be going through. Knowing I do not have any way of helping them heal so that they can accept healthy relationships sucks-but that is a part of everyone’s own journey.
  • It is possible to acknowledge uncomfortable and unwanted feelings and not fall to hell. That, I guess, it what some may call recovery? Being able to acknowledge ‘X’ and not letting it rule your life? I’m still not quite sure this can be replicated in perpetuity but I’m happy to keep my optimism. This doesn’t mean there weren’t hard times. This doesn’t mean I didn’t have moments where I thought that nothing would ever feel good again. And it sure in the hell does not mean that it was/is FUN sitting with shitty emotions, thoughts, and feelings (UGH). It really just means that being able to acknowledge my feelings and what triggered them was really helpful and ultimately helped me walk out of the dark. This I hope to carry with me forever and help use as the ’emotional umbrella’ to help pass the future storms.
  • Once I noticed what was going on with me, I was honest about it. I told my sister in law (who offered support). I told my boss (who offered support). I told people close to me (who ultimately, offered support) and was honest about it. I normalized the feeling. I wasn’t asking for special privileges but just being able to be honest about being down was really freeing. And, side note, no one looked at me like I had a second head. No one pitied me. They were just good people-who would have imagined that? In the future I will strive to do this more. Radical acceptance, if you will.
I would say it’s been a solid two months of creeping back to ‘me’. Over the summer I reached out to my former therapist (who moved to another state) and we were able to chat through The Situation and she had, of course, given me some great insight. That whole “asking for help” thing. Blarg. So uncomfortable (I never like to inconvenience anyone, but, see above.) but I have learned that actually, asking for help isn’t the end of the world (doesn’t mean I’ll always be successful at it though. #checkonyourstrongfriend folks.) I made a choice after speaking with my Awesome Therapist (everyone should have one!) to make  a plan on how to let go of the pain The Situation brought me. It took a lot. Like, a lot a lot. But I reached out one final time and said my peace (truly, it was kind and peaceful while still holding my own boundaries). Unfortunately my peace was met with resistance… and that’s it. That is where that ended. It was so hard to do but once I sent my peace into the universe it felt like (haha) the clouds had lifted (see what I did there?) and I was back on a road that I could actually see.
The last 10-ish months have been hard but they have oddly been full of a lot of growth as well. The old adages of, “always darkest before the dawn” and something something ‘crawl’ something ‘walk’ come to mind I suppose. Here are some of the positive things that I have learned/started to do:
  • I’m not sure when I started this, but at some point I took to heart the whole, “treat yourself like you would a young child, or your best friend.” This meaning, I was checking the script in my head constantly. I was asking why I was putting myself through situations or into positions that frankly, didn’t want to be in and didn’t have to do. When I was sad I didn’t beat myself up -I would tell myself, “aw sweetheart, it’s okay to not be okay right now. Let’s have a tea. Let’s have a nap. Let’s have a moment.” I rested when I needed a rest. I stopped the “I should….” and replaced it with, “I would like to….” I lightened up on myself. I have tried to fill my life with as much contentment as possible. This.has.been.a.lifesaver. Seriously. It sounds a little cheesy I guess, but really, it’s freeing. Think KonMari but for your head. Does this mean that I only live on the Happiness Island? No. It means that I acknowledged my thoughts and digest them all while listening to Me and not the endless chatter of Little Voice.
  • This one sounds weird but let’s be honest, this whole blogpost is a free flow of conscious thought at this point. I am making a conscious effort to only surround myself with what is Best. Quality wins. Cozy wins (Hygge Life). Things that bring me joy wins. I do not have enough energy to waste on mediocre crap and I do not beat myself up anymore on walking away from anything that isn’t The Best. This means: I don’t have to finish this crappy cookie just because I took it and it was free. I don’t have to wear these jeans that kind of annoy me just because I typically wear my jeans til the thighs give out. I don’t have to finish this book because it feels weird to give up but UGH it really sucks.  (Harder parts of this are, I don’t have to keep space for people who don’t keep space for me.) These are all really related to the previous comment about “I should”s and overall-back to guilt or possibly hurting someone else. Letting it all go.
  • I read books by listening to them. Yep. Audio books. For a long time I was sad that spending a day reading a book made me feel incredibly guilty (YOU SHOULD BE DOING X INSTEAD) and couldn’t focus for more than a couple pages. So in 2018 I really focused on audio books and bam. problem solved. It’s incredible! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I just love having a story told to me while I let my mind wonder as I physically complete some mundane task (showering, driving). God bless audio books. I have read some really awesome ones that I will recap some time. Many of them helped me navigate the rainstorm and come out stronger.
So what’s the point in sharing all of this? Well, because one of the underlying reasons that I stopped blogging so quickly was because I felt that every post had to relate back to a common theme (which was my journey into eating healthier, in case you forgot) and that became really tough, really quick (AKA too much pressure on myself). Because life is more connected than that and because often I wanted to share some random thought of mine but it just didn’t relate back to the ‘theme’ enough so I wouldn’t…and then there was nothing.  After giving it a lot of thought (and thinking very often that it didn’t matter and I’ll just never blog again, who cares), I’ll just do what I want and see what comes of it.
Well then, what are you going to write about? I suppose, everything and anything? I have some neat ideas in my noggin that I’d like to put into words, even if I am the only one who reads it. Having space to share and create is healing so I reckon that’s what I’ll do. Some will be light. Often it’ll be funny (or an attempt at the very least). Most likely there will be a hell of a lot of grammatical errors and meh looking photos. But it’s life, and life is sometimes out of focus and spelled incorrectly. Or something like that. I’ll be honest and open to discussion on topics that still have stigma (mental health, physical health, but probably not politics unless I’m feeling really ‘engaged’.) I’ll share recipes and updates and stories and adventures. I have creative juices back (the humor never left, though. What would we do without my awesome jokes?!) You’re basically reading my diary, if I kept one.
Buckle up, buttercups. It’s gonna be a fun ride!
Side note: I think the only people who read this are probably my husband and like two friends. So I’d like to say to you folks that I love you and thank you for your support. Maybe I didn’t share all the thoughts above out loud often, butI feel that 2018 was probably the year grew the most. I had to do a lot of that on my own. I am even more grateful to have the best people in the world be a part of my life. And to my husband, you have never judged me and have always supported me in all the right ways. You save space for me and allow me to take the time I need. You are my favorite human. The cats are my favorite cats.