Wilted Lettuce?

As promised, here is the low down on wilted lettuce. I know nothing of this dish’s history and what I can find from a little searching is that maybe it came from Germany? Maybe the South (USA)? But it’s pretty much the same recipe no matter where you look, so here is what I know […]

A Simple, Absolute Jam

I realized I had some berries in the fridge yesterday that were past the point of eating fresh but in light of the current situation, I didn’t just want to toss them out. So hey, why not try and make jam and see how it shakes out and-woah! It was a de-light and incredibly simple […]

Spicy Pulled Pork Tacos? Carnitas? Tasty Meats?

While I’m not sure what to call this recipe I know one thing for sure is that it’s delicious no matter the name. I have adapted this recipe from several others that I’ve found over time (the original inspiration is from SkinnyTaste and this recipe is amazing). I have made this for several taco parties […]

When a Facebook Group Dupes You Into Buying Lemons, Make Lemonies?

Did you know that Aldi’s has a cult-like following? I’m a member of a Facebook group that talks about new products and gives reviews and recently folks were talking about Meyer Lemons. Ohhhh they’re so sweet! […]

I am Going to a Super Bowl Party and I am Taking...

Happy Super Bowl Sunday for any of you who enjoy football! I am not the biggest football fan (give me baseball, give me hockey, give me anything that moves quicker than a snail) but I do enjoy a.) food, b.) friends, and c.) commercials (okay, not all the time). We have standing Super Bowl plans […]

Snowy Self-Care Saturday

Bonjour les amis! It’s another winter wonderland here in the Midwest so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to practice some of the allusive ‘self-care’ we all talk about but never really get around to doing. So I started my day with coffee and kitty cuddles. Made an egg scramble using some fancy […]