Sunday Self-Care

Hello there! My apologies for radio silence-but things got a little busy! I bought a new car that I l-o-v-e, had some fun times with friends (we started a dinner club [but more on that later], attended a Galentine’s Day party, pancake celebrations, and most recently- St. Patrick’s Day deliciousness, I mean party where we eat lots of corned beef), and I decided to undertake what I thought was going to be an easy clean-up project in our bathroom that turned out to be the opposite. Ugh. Isn’t that how it always goes with home projects?

So things got busy and I had to maintain some energies. This weekend has been no different-I made my second cheesecake ever (the first one went over so well that the same friends we watched the Superbowl with near demanded it again for our St. Patrick’s Day party), re-caulked my mess of a bathroom (again. lessons learned. ugh home repair!), hung out with some of my favorite peoples, and caught up around the house. Of course I got my Sunday snugs in with the kitties (this week makes 4 years since we adopted them) but I haven’t had a lot of down time to put together a really insightful  Sunday self-care blog. So what is a really quick way to keep yourself going with life gets a little too busy? Veg out on Instagram, of course! I really enjoy Instagram for the visual appeal and lately I’ve been keeping track of some of my favorite mental health/self-care/mindfulness accounts- I thought I’d share a few in case you also need some new accounts to follow! Feel free to leave your favorite accounts in the comments, too, I’d love to take a look 🙂

Oof. I have caught myself having the left thought a few times recently so this one really spoke to me. And her typography is just the best!
All of her work is spot on. The blob.

Some of the short reminders that she brings forward seem to be directly written for me. How nice of her!

But I have a cape! What do you mean I’m not superhuman!!