The Last Pages of 2020

Books October-December (Quarter 4)

34. The Great Alone, Kristin Hannah (historical fiction) -I loved The Nightingale so I was not surprised by how enthralled I was with this book in the slightest. It was a fitting book to read as we headed into Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) and was just beautifully crafted to tell the tale of a young family’s fight to survive each other, and Alaska.  A+

35.  Heavy, Kiese Laymon (autobiography)- This book lives up to its’ name-it was a heavy read. Laymon recounts his life and all that comes with that, in such a beautifully poetic way. Reading the life of Laymon challenged me to revisit bias and learned thoughts about men, particularly Black men. Phenomenal read. A+

36. We Met in December, Rosie Curtis (romance, fiction)- A sweet love story about what happens when you find out you’re in love with your roommate. If you need a romance novel, this is one I would actually recommend. B

37.  Idiot, Laura Clery (autobiography)- I have found some of Clery’s videos randomly on the internet for years now but it took me a while to finally figure out they were all the same person (thanks, Instagram!) What. I’m not hip on YouTube videos and the like! Once I started following her I realized quickly that I wanted to learn more about the funny human. Clery’s recount of her life is probably exactly how I would tell my own-it’s a blend of tragedy and comedy. Using humor to deliver the bombshells and frank honesty to recap and share the lessons learned. A

38. Dear Girls, Ali Wong (autobiography, letter to daughters)- I needed more funny in my life so I turned to Wong as she ‘wrote’ a life lesson book to her two young daughters. If you’ve ever watched any of Wong’s stand up then you will be prepared for this book and laugh along with many of the lessons that you may also want younger girls to know. If you haven’t watched any of those said routines-I suggest you start there and then read this book. Wong is funny, but not for the prudish. I related, in theory, to some of the overall lessons she shared and laughed along with the punch lines. B

39. Winner Takes All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World, Anand Giridharadas (non-fiction)- This book. I feel like I need to sue this book for all the hurt it caused me. Ugh, this book. Look-if you want to ‘help’ people either through social services work or this weird new business helping stuff-read this book. Then come back to me and we can talk through it. It opened my eyes further to how and what ‘helping others’ really should mean. It probably radicalized me. Prepare yourself but definitely read this book! A+

40. The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck, Sarah Knight (personal development)- I can’t recall a single ‘a-ha’ moment I had with this book.  I like Knight’s writing and she definitely delivers advice in the same way I do. I suggest going back to this review and filling in the same review I gave the last book I read by her here. B

41. Hollywood Park, Mikel Jollett (autobiography)- The Airborne Toxic Event is one of my favorite bands-they make beautiful music and have this way with lyrics that is haunting and so exactly descriptive of emotions that it’s almost too much sometimes. So it comes as no surprise that their lead singer could have written such a enthralling recount of his life thus far. The audiobook wove in music from TATE’s new record (also named Hollywood Park), too-so that was a lovely bonus. A

42. The Answer Is…, Alex Trebek (autobiography)- What is: read this book. We miss you, Alex. A+

Favorite books of 2020:

  1. The Answer is…
  2. All of Samantha Irby (she’ll be on the writing team for the new Sex and The City!)
  3. So You Want to Talk About Race
  4. The Great Alone
  5. Nothing to See Here
  6. Permanent Record
  7. Winner Takes All
  8. Know My Name
Soon, hopefully.

I’m still impressed I made it to 42 books this year! The goal for 2021 is reset to 50 and will be a true test since we are still in a pandemic and I am still working from home. If you read any of these books or have any you’d suggest, please let me know!