Using All My Vacation Days in 2020

I’m finally settling into 2020 and starting to think about all the exciting adventures I have planned! Below is a quick synopsis of what it currently on the calendar and I’m curious-what events would you like to hear about and what pieces? The food? How to travel on a budget? Reviews? Other ideas?

 Food and fun is pretty much my mission (mixed in with self-compassion and growth) and I enjoy writing but I’m curious what would be interesting for others to hear about.
March Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is see the Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day. I know it’s a hot mess party at 10 a.m. but this is on my list of random adventures and it just so happens to line up with when we’re already planning to be in the city for a concert.
April Spring brings my favorite sport of all sports-baseball.  I’ll be heading back up to Chicago for a girls day of beer, The Cubs, and shopping. Want to hear how to get your best friend of 20+ years all to yourself and getting into some shenanigans in the city works out? Best hot dogs in Wrigley?
June My husband has a conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I’m going to tag along for a much different type of trip-one where I spend most of the time alone. Solo adventures are something that interest I’m interested in but at the same time, terrify me.  Come June though, I’m going to give it a go-want to follow along?
July Remember last year when I randomly asked my roomie for life to venture into the heat of the summer and stand in a two hour line for cookies? Well, we had so much fun we’re thinking of making it an annual tradition! Unsure where we’ll end up (suggestions that are drive-able in the Midwest?) but wherever we are, it’ll be a 100% hoot.
September Another random adventure that’s been on my list for a long time is to visit Minnesota. Far enough away to not been a quick trip and close enough we can still drive it without killing each other (fingers crossed) Minneapolis will have two new occupants for a week in the fall. But why? Because of the Minnesota State Fair and the Mall of America! And the sculpture garden!  And all the other wonderful things Minneapolis-St. Paul has to offer. I’m really stoked for this trip, you’ll hear about it regardless.
November And to end out the year on the best note possible, another visit to Florida. The best part of Florida. Do I really need to tell you what that is? No, not Gator World. NO NOT THAT GOLF COURSE.  We’re heading back ‘home’ to Walt Disney World for a few days. Want to see how and why two adults enjoy this trek so often (be fair here, I haven’t been in over a year now)? This trip may end up being two-fold: WDW with my hubs and also a few days spent before with my first college roommate and another friend from college getting our wizard on at Universal Studios! 
There will be random adventures for sure, but these are the ones I can say with some sense of certainty I’ll be enjoying in 2020. Let me know what tickles your fancy! I have a few past trips I want to share when I can get them written out (Wisconsin? Louisville? Cleveland, Ohio!?)
Also, stay tuned for something SUPER FUN next month. Not just my birthday but it is my birth month so…send cake!