Welcome Home!

Well look at this, Feed Funny Me is now its’ own website! A dear friend of mine has such faith in my little slice of the internet that she gifted me my own .com! Soon you’ll see my own posts migrate over and new content show up! I started to blog as a way to be accountable and share both the happy and the contemplative and I’m honored that you all enjoy reading along.

One of my favorite things in life is receiving mail and as I was thinking about how I wanted to celebrate FFM’s first birthday…as well as my own I decided I wanted to gift my friends with mail! That’s right, real mail to your mailbox for you to enjoy and celebrate along with me! If you’d like to receive a letter, email me¬† your full¬† address (I promise, only I will see it) and I will send you mail! Let’s celebrate folks, there are fun things ahead!