What’s up, Buttercups?

Do you ever feel like time speeds up just when you need it to really slow it’s role? That’s pretty much what the last month has felt like! Luckily, it’s been full of good things:

I’m so happy! It was so cold!
  • I bought a new (to me) car that I have named Toothless. It is beautiful and wonderful and it has heated seats so now I just want to drive my car everywhere. Or park in the drive and listen to audiobooks with a warm butt. Same difference.
  • I successfully surprised my husband for his 40thbirthday with a really fun brew bus tour! The Indy Brew Bus is one of my favorite group activities in Indianapolis. This surprise has been in the works for months and I am so grateful we were all able to keep in under tight lips.  Derek is really hard to surprise and ultimately figured out that we were going on the Indy Brew Bus tour but had no idea it would be a private tour of some of his most favorite peoples. We had a blast, drank some tasty brews, and lived to tell the tale. (Side note though, for about 10 hours I had him thinking we were going skydiving!)
  • I turned 34 lastweek and celebrated with birthday tacos and trivia. It was low-key and relaxing.
  • Our dinner club met for the second time and it is so fun/delicious/wonderful. We started doing this after being inspired by two of the coolest people I know, Cumin Loves Paprika (check them out! They do amazing cooking and craft classes, as well a travel blogging. All around fantastic people).  I promise to share more about this soon-you’re going to want to start your own club (or join ours, new friends!)
  • We recently spent the weekend at a very top secret location-one I can’t wait to share with you all soon!
So what’s not going so great?
Poor baby cat has hard a rough week and needs extra lovins.
Except he hates me because I have to keep giving him

Well, I took our two cats to the vet and as I was carrying on of them into the office the carrier broke in half and I dropped by precious baby on the ground!! He just looked up at me like, “um, mom? Why have you forsaken me?!” and just stayed laying down. Ugh. I grabbed him and carried him inside and basically threw him at the vet tech so I could go pick up the pieces of the carrier. I didn’t even have time to think of the potential bigger crisis that could have happened. Ughhh. And then we found out that the the poor baby has to have dental work. Poor Mathis is not having a great week, so let’s all look at his cute face and say, “aw”.

Next to my side of the bed. #cookinginspiration

I haven’t felt very inspired recently to head into the kitchen and cook all the wonderful foods rattling around in my brain. I received several beautiful cookbooks recently and even have some interesting thoughts for recipes I want to work through, but I think with the busyness of the last month or so, I’ve just been trying to make it by. In times like this I’ve reworked my go-to of take-out food and move to easier tried-and-true meals.  This is progress (not relying on take out as much) but I wish I was able to do a little more with it. I actually spent some time compiling a list of these meals so I could just point at one if need be on any given busy or tired day. Not every meal has to be an inspiration, although I would love for it to be. Look for that list coming soon-and please feel free to add your own help-I-need-to-eat-but-I-am-too-tired-to-cook meals!

I entered two paintings into a local art show and they weren’t selected. I wish I wasn’t so bummed about it, but. L

I saw this today and really needed the reminder-perhaps you do too. The Militant Baker is actually a  fantastic blogger as well! The beautiful artwork is from Nikki Miles.
Here is hoping that this found you all well, or at least, having a day. Spring is almost here folks, let’s all smile a bit about that!